esp-cryptoauthlib: The port of Microchip CryptoAuthentication Library for ESP-IDF


# ESP-CRYPTOAUTHLIB This is a port of Microchip's [cryptoauthlib]( for ESP-IDF. It contains necessary build support to use cryptoauthlib with ESP-IDF as well as `esp_cryptoauthlib_utility` for configuring and provisiong ATECC608A chip integrated with [ESP32-WROOM-32SE]( The cryptoauthlib folder which is a subset of Microchip's [cryptoauthlib]( is created with help of script [](./ ## Requirements * [ESP-IDF]( version should be `release/v4.3` or newer. * Environment variable `IDF_PATH` should be set ## How to use esp-cryptoauthlib with ESP-IDF --- There are two ways to use `esp-cryptoauthlib` in your project 1) Directly add `esp-cryptoauthlib` as a component in your project with following three commands. (First change directory (cd) to your project directory) ``` mkdir components cd components git clone ``` 2) Add `esp-cryptoauthlib` as an extra component in your project. * Download `esp-cryptoauthlib` with: ``` git clone ``` * Include `esp-cryptoauthlib` in `ESP-IDF` with setting `EXTRA_COMPONENT_DIRS` in CMakeLists.txt/Makefile of your project.For reference see [Optional Project Variables]( ## How to configure and provision ATECC608A on ESP32-WROOM-32SE The python utilty `esp_cryptoauth_utility` helps to configure, generate resources as well as provision ATECC608A chip integrated with `ESP32-WROOM-32SE`. For detailed instructions on how to use the utility please refer utility [](esp_cryptoauth_utility/


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To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/esp-cryptoauthlib^3.3.1~1"

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  • ESP-IDF >=4.3
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