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xz decompression utility


# XZ decompress utility

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This component provides the XZ decompress utility based on [XZ Embedded]( API `xz_decompress` is public to use, for more info about this API, please refer to [link](

## Add to project

You can add this component to your project via ` add-dependancy`, e.g.

```shell add-dependency xz==1.0.0

Alternatively, you can create the manifest idf_component.yml in the project's main component directory.

  espressif/xz: "^1.0.0"

More is in [Espressif's documentation](

## Example

- [examples/utilities/xz_decompress_file]( This example is based on this component.

You can create a project from this example by the following command:

```shell create-project-from-example "espressif/xz^1.0.0:xz_decompress_file"

> Note: For the examples downloaded by using this command, you need to comment out the `override_path` line in the main/idf_component.yml.


Supports all targets

License: Apache-2.0

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/xz^1.0.0"

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