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FT6X36-IDF is a library for self-capacitive touch panel controllers produced by FocalTech Systems (FT6236/FT6336) and the L58 touch


# FT6X36 (FT6236/FT6336/FT6436L/FT6436)
This is an ESP-IDF component forked from ESP32 Arduino library [FT6X36](https://github.com/strange-v/FT6X36) for self-capacitive touch panel controllers produced by FocalTech Systems.

Only basic functionality is currently implemented. Has been tested only on ESP32 using a 2.7" e-ink display (GDEW027W3-T).
This will work only as a compoment in the ESP-IDF framework. If you are looking for an arduino-esp32 version check the [original FT6X36 library](https://github.com/strange-v/FT6X36)
This was tested and works correctly with ESP-IDF v. 4.2 on 4.4 there is still some I2C configuration bug that needs to be addressed. It could not instantiate correctly I2C in 4.4 giving a strange error that SDA & SDL pins are the same (They are not). Updating the idf branch to **release/v4.2** it worked again as expected.

## Annotation
The [Adafruit_FT6206_Library](https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_FT6206_Library) was used as a base for the FT6X36 library. Many things were added/improved/rewritten based on a datasheet for the controller.

## Fork policy

**Please do not Fork this repository to bookmark it**. For that use the ★ Star button. Acceptable forks fall in this three categories:

1. You found a bug and want to suggest a merge request. Then Fork it!
2. You will contribute adding a new epaper model that does exist.
3. You will use FT6X36-IDF as a base to create something new. But in that case it would be nice to let us know first or to refer to the original repository from strange-v.

All other users that fork this without falling in this categories and without any kind of advice to us will be blocked and will not be able to interact with the further releases. Forking is not bookmarking!

We don't like having copies of this without any reason. It is just a bad practice, makes things confusing, and makes absolutely no sense. This repository is not going to dissapear or be deleted by any means so you can use it with confidence.
Forking this in order to make updates that fit your particular project is alright, as long as you update the readme and state what are the intentions to do so.

## References

The reading part of I2C was mostly stealed from [LVGL for ESP-IDF](https://github.com/lvgl/lv_port_esp32) but respecting the methods of the original library and done in a different way. Hats off to the great work of this library and FT6X36.
A second intention derived from this fork, is to make this library be less processor intensive, getting out the loop and reading only touch per interruption. Only when the INT pin goes from high to low (Falling edge, known as GPIO_INTR_NEGEDGE in ESP-IDF Framework)

[Video of the library working on ESP32 with GDEW027W3-T](https://twitter.com/martinfasani/status/1310294140329041921)

[Video of next step: To integrate this on an epaper component](https://twitter.com/martinfasani/status/1312877893001895943?s=21) and make it rotation and display aware.

[Example implemented on Cale-IDF our IDF component for epapers](https://github.com/martinberlin/cale-idf/wiki/Demo-catalog)

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Supports all targets

License: MIT

To add this component to your project, run:

idf.py add-dependency "fasani/ft6x36-l58^1.3.0"

or download archive


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