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lv_lib_100ask is a reference for various out of the box schemes based on lvgl library or an enhanced interface for various components of lvgl library.


path describe
src/lv_100ask_pinyin_ime Lvgl component enhanced interface (Pinyin IME)
src/lv_100ask_sketchpad Lvgl component enhanced interface (drawing board)
src/lv_100ask_page_manager Lvgl component enhanced interface (Page Manager)
src/lv_100ask_calc Lvgl component enhanced interface (Calculator)
src/lv_100ask_2048 Lvgl scheme reference (2048)
src/lv_100ask_memory_game Lvgl scheme reference (number pair puzzle)
src/lv_100ask_file_explorer Lvgl scheme reference (file explorer)
src/lv_100ask_nes Lvgl scheme reference (NES simulator)
more todo... more todo...


  1. Clone this repository:
  2. The lv_lib_100ask directory should be next to the lvgl directory in your project. Similarly to lv_conf.h there is a configuration file for the examples too. It is called lv_lib_100ask_conf.h.
  3. Copy lv_lib_100ask/lv_lib_100ask_conf_template.h next to lv_lib_100ask directory
  4. Rename it to lv_lib_100ask_conf.h
  5. Change the first #if 0 to #if 1 to enable the file's content
  6. Enable or Disable function


This is an open project and contribution is very welcome!

Supports all targets

License: MIT

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "biubiu/lv_lib_100ask^1.0.0"

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