Lightweight audio decoding component for esp processors


# Audio player component for esp32 [![cppcheck-action](]( ## Capabilities * MP3 decoding (via libhelix-mp3) * Wav/wave file decoding ## Who is this for? Decode only audio playback on esp32 series of chips, where the features and footprint of esp-adf are not necessary. ## What about esp-adf? This component is not intended to compete with esp-adf, a much more fully developed audio framework. It does however have a number of advantages at the moment including: * Fully open source (esp-adf has a number of binary modules at the moment) * Minimal size (it's less capable, but also simpler, than esp-adf) ## Dependencies For MP3 support you'll need the [esp-libhelix-mp3]( component. ## Tests Unity tests are implemented in the [test/](../test) folder. ## States ```mermaid stateDiagram-v2 [*] --> Idle : new(), cb(IDLE) Idle --> Playing : play(), cb(PLAYING) Playing --> Paused : pause(), cb(PAUSE) Paused --> Playing : resume(), cb(PLAYING) Playing --> Playing : play(), cb(COMPLETED_PLAYING_NEXT) Paused --> Idle : stop(), cb(IDLE) Playing --> Idle : song complete, cb(IDLE) [*] --> Shutdown : delete(), cb(SHUTDOWN) Shutdown --> Idle : new(), cb(IDLE) ``` Note: Diagram shortens callbacks from AUDIO_PLAYER_EVENT_xxx to xxx, and functions from audio_player_xxx() to xxx(), for clarity. ## Release process - Pushing component to the IDF Component Registry The github workflow, .github/workflows/esp_upload_component.yml, pushes data to the espressif [IDF component registry]( To push a new version: * Apply a git tag via 'git tag vA.B.C' * Push tags via 'git push --tags' The github workflow *should* run and automatically push to the IDF component registry.


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License: Apache-2.0

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "chmorgan/esp-audio-player^1.0.5"

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  • chmorgan/esp-libhelix-mp3 >=1.0.0,<2.0.0
  • ESP-IDF >=5.0
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