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Walter Modem Driver


# Walter Modem Driver for ESP-IDF

This is the repository of the Walter Modem driver for the Sequans GM02SP.

## Installation

## Getting Started

## How to use

### Using via Component Registry

This is the easiest way to use Walter Modem component.

idf.py add-dependency "dptechnics/walter-modem^1.0.2" 

### Manual

To use this component inside your project, you must download the content of this repository to a convenient folder.

    Please ensure that the folder path is not excessively long (especially for Windows users).

Create the `idf_component.yml` file inside the `main` folder of your project,
or copy and modify `idf_component.yml` from one of the examples,
and change the path to the Walter Modem component (`walter-modem`) folder.

    path: <path_to_the_folder>

### Note

Please ignore the warning about esp_spi_flash.h being deprecated.

Because we use the same code base for Arduino as for ESP-IDF,
and because we support both ESP-IDF version 5.1.2 towards which the in-development
arduino esp-idf component is currently targeted, and the vanilla
Arduino ESP32 core which is still based on ESP-IDF 4.4,
we need to include the file that exists in both versions of ESP-IDF.


Supports all targets

License: Custom

To add this component to your project, run:

idf.py add-dependency "dptechnics/walter-modem^1.0.2"

or download archive


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