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The component offers a console that enables runtime network interface configuration and monitoring.


# Console command ifconfig
The component offers a console with a command that enables runtime network interface configuration and monitoring for any example project.

## API

### Steps to enable console in an example code:
1. Add this component to your project using ``` add-dependency``` command.
2. In the main file of the example, add the following line:
    #include "console_ifconfig.h"
3. Ensure esp-netif and NVS flash is initialized and default event loop is created in your app_main():
    esp_err_t ret = nvs_flash_init();   //Initialize NVS
        ret = nvs_flash_init();
4. In your app_main() function, add the following line as the last line:
    ESP_ERROR_CHECK(console_cmd_init());     // Initialize console

    // Register all plugin command added to your project

    // To register only ifconfig command skip calling console_cmd_all_register()

    ESP_ERROR_CHECK(console_cmd_start());    // Start console

### Adding a plugin command or component:
To add a plugin command or any component from IDF component manager into your project, simply include an entry within the `idf_component.yml` file.

For more details refer [IDF Component Manager](

## Suported command:

### Ifconfig:
 ifconfig help: Prints the help text for all ifconfig commands
 ifconfig netif create/destroy <ethernet handle id>/<iface>: Create or destroy a network interface with the specified ethernet handle or interface name
 ifconfig eth init/deinit/show: Initialize, deinitialize and display a list of available ethernet handle
 ifconfig: Display a list of all esp_netif interfaces along with their information
 ifconfig <iface>: Provide the details of the named interface
 ifconfig <iface> default: Set the specified interface as the default interface
 ifconfig <iface> ip6: Enable IPv6 on the specified interface
 ifconfig <iface> up: Enable the specified interface
 ifconfig <iface> down: Disable the specified interface
 ifconfig <iface> link <up/down>: Enable or disable the link of the specified interface
 ifconfig <iface> napt <enable/disable>: Enable or disable NAPT on the specified interface.
 ifconfig <iface> ip <ipv4 addr>: Set the IPv4 address of the specified interface
 ifconfig <iface> mask <ipv4 addr>: Set the subnet mask of the specified interface
 ifconfig <iface> gw <ipv4 addr>: Set the default gateway of the specified interface
 ifconfig <iface> staticip: Enables static ip
 ifconfig <iface> dhcp server <enable/disable>: Enable or disable the DHCP server.(Note: DHCP server is not supported yet)
 ifconfig <iface> dhcp client <enable/disable>: Enable or disable the DHCP client.
Note: Disabling the DHCP server and client enables the use of static IP configuration.

## Usage:

### Creating an ethernet interface
esp> ifconfig eth init
Internal(IP101): pins: 23,18, Id: 0
esp> ifconfig netif create 0

### Removing an interface and deinitializing ethernet
esp> ifconfig netif destroy en1
I (8351266) ethernet_init: Ethernet(IP101[23,18]) Link Down
I (8351266) ethernet_init: Ethernet(IP101[23,18]) Stopped
esp> ifconfig eth deinit

### Set default interface
esp> ifconfig en1 default

### Enable NAPT on an interface
esp> ifconfig en1 napt enable
I (8467116) console_ifconfig: Setting napt enable on en1

### Enable DHCP client on an interface
esp> ifconfig en1 dhcp client enable

### Enable static IP on an interface
esp> ifconfig en1 dhcp client disable

### Set static IP address
esp> ifconfig en1 ip
I (111466) console_ifconfig: Setting ip:
esp> ifconfig en1 mask
I (130946) console_ifconfig: Setting mask:
esp> ifconfig en1 gw
I (143576) console_ifconfig: Setting gw:
I (143576) esp_netif_handlers: eth ip:, mask:, gw:


Supports all targets

License: Apache-2.0

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/console_cmd_ifconfig^1.0.1"

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