# esp-zigbee-lib ## Introduction This component contains a binary library supporting the esp-zigbee-lib. It provides most of the APIs that users could use in the Zigbee product project development. In this component it provides: + Varieties of ZDO, ZCL command + Standard Home Automation off-the-shelf devices + Zigbee stack related functions to support ZC, ZR and ZED + Varieties of device callback to support device handling ZCL command + Customized function to create attribute, cluster and endpoint + Zigbee security to support install code related function + More to come ... ... ## User guide For a demonstration of the library use, see the examples folder [examples](../../examples/) For information on how to program Espressif SoCs, see [ESP-IDF Programming Guide]( For esp-zigbee-lib related user guide and documents, see [docs](../../docs/).


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To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/esp-zigbee-lib^0.2.1"

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  • ESP-IDF >=5.0
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