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Board Support Package for ESP32-Azure-IoT-Kit


BSP: ESP32-Azure-IoT-Kit

Component Registry

Board support package consists of:

  • uSD card interface
  • I2C interface
  • LEDs, button and buzzer interface
  • Sensors software components: MAG3110, HTS221, BH1750, FBM320 and MPU6050
  • Display software component: SSD1306


Please refer to specific files in in examples folder.

readme of mqtt_example example

BSP: MQTT Example

This example collects data from sensor and publishes them to configured MQTT server.


In menuconfig -> Example configuration, please configure your WiFi SSID and password and MQTT broker URL.


Application collects sensor data of ambient temperature, humidity, luminescence and pressure. After successful connection to MQTT sensor, both LEDs are turned on and data are periodically published to MQTT and shown on display.

readme of sensors_example example

BSP: Sensors Example

This is an example usage of Azure-IoT-Kit board.


All sensors are sampled and results are shown on OLED display. User can switch between pages by pressing KEY_IO0 button.

Magnetometer calibration

At the start of the program, magnetometer calibration is performed for 10 seconds. Turn the board in every axis during this time to achieve best magnetometer results.

LED and buzzer

On every press of KEY_IO0 button, the buzzer beeps and AZURE LED blinks.

uSD card

If a uSD card is successfully mounted a hello.txt file is created and WIFI LED is turned on.



License: Apache-2.0

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/esp32_azure_iot_kit^1.0.3"

or download archive


  • espressif/mpu6050 ^1.0.0
  • espressif/hts221 ^1.1.1
  • espressif/bh1750 ^1.0.0
  • espressif/ssd1306 ^1.0.3-alpha
  • espressif/fbm320 ^1.0.0
  • espressif/mag3110 ^1.0.0
  • ESP-IDF >=4.0
  • Examples:


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