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Board Support Package for ESP32-S3-LCD-EV-BOARD



ESP32-S3-LCD-EV-BOARD is a development board for evaluating and verifying ESP32-S3 screen interactive applications. It has the functions of touch screen interaction and voice interaction. The development board has the following characteristics:

  • Onboard ESP32-S3-WROOM-1 module, with built-in 16 MB Flash + 8 MB PSRAM
  • Onboard audio codec + audio amplifier
  • Onboard dual microphone pickup
  • USB type-C interface download and debugging
  • It can be used with different screen sub boards, and supports RGB, 8080, SPI, I2C interface screens, as below:
Board Name Screen Size (inch) Resolution LCD Driver IC (Interface) Touch Driver IC Schematic Support
ESP32-S3-LCD_Ev_Board_SUB1 0.9 128 x 64 SSD1315 (I2C) * link Not yet
2.4 320 x 240 ST7789V (SPI) XTP2046 Not yet
ESP32-S3-LCD_Ev_Board_SUB2 3.5 480 x 320 ST7796S (8080) GT911 link Not yet
3.95 480 x 480 GC9503CV (RGB) FT5x06 Yes
ESP32-S3-LCD_Ev_Board_SUB3 4.3 800 x 480 Unkonw (RGB) GT1151 link Yes



License: Apache-2.0

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency espressif/esp32_s3_lcd_ev_board^1.0.0
or download archive


espressif/esp32_s3_lcd_ev_board version: 1.0.0