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Board Support Package for ESP32-S3-USB-OTG



ESP32-S3-USB-OTG is a development board that focuses on USB-OTG function verification and application development. It is based on ESP32-S3 SoC, supports Wi-Fi and BLE 5.0 wireless functions, and supports USB host and USB device functions. It can be used to develop applications such as wireless storage devices, Wi-Fi network cards, LTE MiFi, multimedia devices, virtual keyboards and mice. The development board has the following features:

  • Onboard ESP32-S3-MINI-1-N8 module, with built-in 8 MB flash
  • Onboard USB Type-A host and device interface, with built-in USB interface switching circuit
  • Onboard USB to serial debugging chip (Micro USB interface)
  • Onboard 1.3-inch LCD color screen, supports GUI
  • Onboard SD card interface, compatible with SDIO and SPI interfaces
  • Onboard charging IC, can be connected to lithium battery



License: Apache-2.0

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/esp32_s3_usb_otg^1.3.1"

or download archive


  • lvgl/lvgl ^8
  • ESP-IDF >=5.0
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    espressif/esp32_s3_usb_otg version: 1.3.1