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Driver for the virtual QEMU RGB panel


# QEMU RGB Panel

This component presents an interface for the virtual QEMU RGB panel, implemented into Espressif's QEMU fork starting from version 8.1.3-20231206.

This virtual RGB panel that can be used to display graphical interfaces. This panel also includes a dedicated frame buffer, absent in real hardware and independent from the internal RAM, that allows user program to populate the pixels in.

**Please note** that the virtual RGB panel currently supports only two color modes: ARGB8888 (32-bit) and RGB565 (16-bit).


## 1.0.2

- Switched to RGB565 color format in the example by default
- Fixed compatibility with IDF v5.3-dev

## 1.0.1

- Added support for RGB565 color format

## 1.0.0

- Initial driver version

readme of lcd_qemu_rgb_panel example

                                        # QEMU RGB Panel

This example demonstrates how to use the virtual QEMU RGB panel. In this case, LVGL uses the virtual panel to render its graphical user interface.

The frame buffer can be chosen between internal RAM or dedicated frame buffer.

## How to Use Example

### Hardware Required

* No hardware target is required to run this example

### Configure the Example

By default, the example will use the target internal RAM as the frame buffer. To utilize the QEMU dedicated frame buffer, enable the option `Use QEMU RGB panel dedicated framebuffer` within the `menuconfig`.

### Build and run

To build the example, run ` build` command.

Please refer to the [QEMU Guide]( for the detailed steps to setup and run the image.

## Example Output

I (55) example: Install RGB LCD panel driver
I (55) example: Initialize RGB LCD panel
I (55) example: Initialize LVGL library
I (55) example: Allocate separate LVGL draw buffer
I (55) example: Register display driver to LVGL
I (55) example: Install LVGL tick timer
I (55) example: Create LVGL task
I (55) example: Starting LVGL task
I (65) example: Display LVGL Scatter Chart
I (75) main_task: Returned from app_main()



Supports all targets

License: Apache-2.0

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/esp_lcd_qemu_rgb^1.0.2"

or download archive


  • ESP-IDF >=5.3
  • Examples:


    more details

    To create a project from this example, run: create-project-from-example "espressif/esp_lcd_qemu_rgb^1.0.2:lcd_qemu_rgb_panel"

    or download archive


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