# ESP MODEM The `esp-modem` component is a managed component for `esp-idf` that could be used for communication with GSM/LTE modems that support AT commands and PPP protocol as a network interface. ## Examples Get started with one of the examples: * `examples/pppos_client` -- simple client implemented in C * `examples/modem_console` -- C++ example implementing simple terminal console with DCE commands * `examples/ap_to_pppos` -- this example focuses on the network connectivity of the esp-modem and provides a WiFi AP that forwards packets (and uses NAT) to and from the PPPoS connection. ## Documentation * Continue with esp-modem [brief overview](docs/ * View the full [html documentation ](docs/html/index.html)


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To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/esp_modem^0.1.3"

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