## 2.4.0

- Support configurable SPI mode to contorl leds
  - recommend to enable DMA when using SPI mode
## 2.3.0

- Support configurable RMT channel size by setting `mem_block_symbols`

## 2.2.0

- Support for 4 components RGBW leds (SK6812):
  - in led_strip_config_t new fields
      led_pixel_format, controlling byte format (LED_PIXEL_FORMAT_GRB, LED_PIXEL_FORMAT_GRBW)
      led_model, used to configure bit timing (LED_MODEL_WS2812, LED_MODEL_SK6812)
  - new API led_strip_set_pixel_rgbw
  - new interface type set_pixel_rgbw

## 2.1.0

- Support DMA feature, which offloads the CPU by a lot when it comes to drive a bunch of LEDs
- Support various RMT clock sources
- Acquire and release the power management lock before and after each refresh
- New driver flag: `invert_out` which can invert the led control signal by hardware

## 2.0.0

- Reimplemented the driver using the new RMT driver (`driver/rmt_tx.h`)

## 1.0.0

- Initial driver version, based on the legacy RMT driver (`driver/rmt.h`)


Supports all targets

License: Apache-2.0

To add this component to your project, run:

idf.py add-dependency "espressif/led_strip^2.4.3"

or download archive


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