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libsodium port to ESP


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Sodium is a new, easy-to-use software library for encryption, decryption, signatures, password hashing and more.

It is a portable, cross-compilable, installable, packageable fork of NaCl, with a compatible API, and an extended API to improve usability even further.

Its goal is to provide all of the core operations needed to build higher-level cryptographic tools.

Sodium supports a variety of compilers and operating systems, including Windows (with MingW or Visual Studio, x86 and x64), iOS, Android, as well as Javascript and Webassembly.


The documentation is available on Gitbook and built from the libsodium-doc repository:

Integrity Checking

The integrity checking instructions (including the signing key for libsodium) are available in the installation section of the documentation.


A mailing-list is available to discuss libsodium.

In order to join, just send a random mail to sodium-subscribe {at} pureftpd {dot} org.


ISC license.


Supports all targets

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/libsodium^1.0.20"

or download archive


  • ESP-IDF >=4.2
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