# mDNS Service [![Component Registry](]( mDNS is a multicast UDP service that is used to provide local network service and host discovery. ## Examples Get started with example test [Example]( ## Documentation * View the full [documentation(English)]( * View the full [documentation(Chinese)](


# Changelog ## [1.2.2]( ### Bug Fixes - add terminator for the getting host name ([b6a4d94]( - Enable ESP_WIFI_CONFIG when ESP-IDF <= 5.1 ([0b783c0]( - set host list NULL on destroy ([ea54eef]( - removed Wno-format flag and fixed formatting warnings ([c48e442]( - remove the the range of MDNS_MAX_SERVICES and fix issues of string functions ([3dadce2]( ## [1.2.1]( ### Features - Allow setting length of mDNS action queue in menuconfig ([28cd898]( ### Bug Fixes - fix build issue if CONFIG_ESP_WIFI_ENABLED disabled ([24f7031]( - added idf_component.yml for examples ([d273e10]( - added guard check for null pointer ([71bb461]( ## [1.2.0]( ### Features - add an API for setting address to a delegated host ([ddc3eb6]( - Add support for lwip build under linux ([588465d]( - Allow for adding a delegated host with no address ([c562461]( - Add APIs for looking up self hosted services and getting the self hostname ([f0df12d]( ### Bug Fixes - Refactor freertos linux compat layers ([79a0e57]( - Fix delegated service PTR response ([cab0e1d]( - Added unit tests to CI + minor fix to pass it ([c974c14]( ### Updated - docs: update documentation links ([4de5298]( ## [1.1.0]( ### Features - Decouple main module from mdns-networking ([d238e93]( ### Bug Fixes - Use idf-build-apps package for building mdns ([1a0a41f]( - socket networking to init interfaces properly ([ee9b04f]( - Removed unused internal lock from mdns_server struct ([a06fb77]( - Resolve conflicts only on self hosted items ([e69a9eb](, [#185]( - Fix memory issues reported by valgrind ([0a682e7]( ### Updated - docs(common): updated component and example links ([f48d9b2]( - Add APIs to look up delegated services ([87dcd7d]( - Fix deadly mdns crash ([4fa3023]( - docs(common): improving documentation ([ca3fce0]( - append all ipv6 address in mdns answer ([5ed3e9a]( - test(mdns): Host tests to use IDF's esp_event_stub ([537d170]( ## [1.0.9]( ### Features - Add reverse lookup to the example and test ([d464ed7]( - Add support for IPv6 reverse query ([d4825f5]( ### Bug Fixes - Reintroduce missing CHANGELOGs ([200cbb3]( - use semaphore instead of task notification bits (IDFGH-9380) ([73f2800](, [IDF#10754]( ### Updated - ci(common): force scoping commit messages with components ([c55fcc0]( - Add homepage URL and License to all components ([ef3f0ee]( - docs: fix of mdns link translation ([1c850dd]( - unite all tags under common structure py test: update tags under common structure ([c6db3ea]( ## [1.0.8]( ### Features - Add support for IPv4 reverse query ([b87bef5]( ### Bug Fixes - Host test with IDFv5.1 ([fb8a2f0]( - Remove strict mode as it's invalid ([d0c9070]( - Allow setting instance name only after hostname set ([a8339e4](, [#190]( - Make unit test executable with pytest ([12cfcb5]( - AFL port layer per IDF-latest changes ([0247926]( ### Updated - bump the component version to 1.0.8 ([b9b4a75]( - Make reverse query conditional per Kconfig ([91134f1]( - Added badges with version of components to the respective README files ([e4c8a59]( - fix some coverity reported issues ([c73c797]( - Examples: using pytest.ini from top level directory ([aee016d]( - mDNS: test_app pytest migration ([f71f61f]( - CI: fixing the files to be complient with pre-commit hooks ([945bd17]( - prevent crash when hostname is null ([3498e86]( - Example tests integration ([a045c1c]( - Replace hardcoded TTL values with named defines ([bb4c002]( - Fix add_service() to report error if no-hostname ([656ab21]( ## [1.0.7]( ### Updated - bump up the component version ([088f7ac]( - fix IPV4 only build and also update CI configuration ([e079f8b]( - add test configuration for IPV6 disabled build ([330332a]( ## [1.0.6]( ### Bug Fixes - Example makefile to add only mdns as extra comps ([d74c296]( - ignore authoritative flag on reception ([415e04a]( ### Updated - fix build issue with CONFIG_LWIP_IPV6 disabled ([48c157b]( - fix bit order issue in DNS header flags ([c4e85bd]( - updated package version to 0.1.19 ([469f953]( ## [1.0.5]( ### Features - Define explicit dependencies on esp-wifi ([36de9af]( ### Updated - bugfix: mdns IPv6 address convert error ([238ee96]( ## [1.0.4]( ### Updated - Bump asio/mdns/esp_websocket_client versions ([57afa38]( - ignore format warnings ([d66f9dc]( - Fix test_app build ([0b102f6]( ## [1.0.3]( ### Updated - Updated mDNS to explicitely use esp-eth dependency if needed ([4868689](, [IDF@5e19b9c]( ## [1.0.2]( ### Features - fix bug when clean action memory ([81c219d](, [IDF@3d4deb9]( ### Bug Fixes - add the maximum number of services ([0191d6f](, [IDF@ba458c6]( - fix the exception when remove one of multiple service ([b26c866](, [IDF@696d733]( ### Updated - Minor fixes here and there ([8fe2a3a]( - mDNS: Initial version based on IDF 5.0 ([b6b20ad]( - soc: moved kconfig options out of the target component. ([4a52cf2](, [IDF@d287209]( - cmake: fix issue with passing cxx_std option for GCC 11, a common workaround ([87c2699](, [IDF@ea0d212]( - kconfig: Changed default values of bool configs - Some bool configs were using default values true and false, instead of y and n. ([eb536a7](, [IDF@25c5c21]( - esp_netif: Remove tcpip_adapter compatibility layer ([3e93ea9](, [IDF@795b7ed]( - Fix copyright messages, update API descrition ([2c764b1](, [IDF@42ba8a8]( - Add API to control custom network interfaces ([f836ae7](, [IDF@b02468d]( - CI/mdns: Fix fuzzer build ([4b5f24f](, [IDF@98e9426]( - Add support for registering custom netif ([30f37c0](, [IDF@bec42ff]( - Indicate interface using esp_netif in search results ([ddc58e8](, [IDF@f8495f1]( - Use predefined interfaces to prepare for custom netifs ([fa951bf](, [IDF@f90b3b7]( - Prepare for dynamic esp-netif support ([605d1fa](, [IDF@f9892f7]( - esp_hw_support/esp_system: Re-evaluate header inclusions and include directories ([58bf218](, [IDF@a9fda54]( - system: move kconfig options out of target component ([ec491ec](, [IDF@bb88338]( - Update to drop our own packet if bounced back ([94ae672](, [IDF@b5149e3]( - Fix potential read behind parsed packet ([e5a3a3d](, [IDF@51a5de2]( - Fix memleak when adding delegated host ([7710ea9](, [IDF@9cbdb87]( - Fix null-service issue when parsing packets ([034c55e](, [IDF#8307](, [IDF@a57be7b]( - Update fuzzer test (add delegation, check memory) ([ec03fec](, [IDF@2c10071]( - Remove legacy esp_event API ([5909e9e](, [IDF@e46aa51]( - added missing includes ([82e2a5d](, [IDF@28d09c7]( - Clear notification value in mdns_hostname_set ([48e4d40](, [IDF@83a4ddb]( - esp_timer: remove legacy ESP32 FRC timer implementation. ([ac6dcb6](, [IDF@edb76f1]( - freertos: Remove legacy data types ([085dbd8](, [IDF@57fd78f]( - Tools: Custom baud-rate setup is not possible for IDF Monitor from menuconfig anymore ([f78e8cf](, [IDF@36a4011]( - Use memcpy() for copy to support non-text TXTs ([6cdf5ee](, [IDF@6aefe9c]( - Support for null-value TXT records ([fcb5515](, [IDF#8267](, [IDF@23c2db4]( - Fix alloc issue if TXT has empty value ([9fdbe5f](, [IDF@205f6ba]( - Fix random crash when defalt service instance queried ([20e6e9e](, [IDF@f46dffc]( - Fix minor memory leaks when creating services ([c588263](, [IDF@fad62cc]( - Fix mDNS memory leak ([6258edf](, [IDF@119b4a9]( - Fix mDNS memory leak ([c8b0d5e](, [IDF@f5ffd53]( - Use multi/uni-cast types in API ([5252b1d](, [IDF@125c312]( - Allow for unicast PTR queries ([4e11cc8](, [IDF@7eeeb01]( - Fix potential null deref for ANY query type ([7af91ec](, [IDF@99dd8ee]( - Make fuzzer layers compatible with llvm>=6 ([01256d3](, [IDF@1882cbe]( - Fix copyright ([5a2d4ea](, [IDF@c83678f]( - Add mDNS miss comment ([9de3f53](, [IDF@08e0813]( - freertos: remove FREERTOS_ASSERT option ([bcabc8e](, [IDF@7255497]( - Minor err print fix in socket-networking layer ([dfb27b3](, [IDF@f1b8f5c]( - unified errno format ([076c095](, [IDF@87506f4]( - always send A/AAAA records in announcements ([7dd0bc1](, [IDF@456f80b]( - filter instance name for ANY queries ([7e82a7c](, [IDF@5d0c473]( - Fix potential null deref reported by fuzzer test ([ae381b7](, [IDF@cb5653f]( - Minor fix of API description and API usage ([941dc5c](, [IDF@c297301]( - Added results count to MDNS ([525c649](, [IDF@f391d61]( - fix mdns server instance mismatch ([f0839d9](, [IDF@6173dd7]( - support multiple instance for mdns service txt set ([69902ea](, [IDF@50f6302]( - fix wrong PTR record count ([d0bbe88](, [IDF@5d3f815]( - Build & config: Remove leftover files from the unsupported "make" build system ([4a9d55e](, [IDF@766aa57]( - Build & config: Remove the "make" build system ([be2a924](, [IDF@9c1d4f5]( - freertos: update freertos folder structure to match upstream ([76fcd41](, [IDF@4846222]( - support service subtype ([fd8499c](, [IDF#5508](, [IDF@e7e8610]( - Fix parsing non-standard queries ([38b4fe2](, [IDF#7694](, [IDF@d16f9ba]( - allow mutiple instances with same service type ([b266062](, [IDF@b7a99f4]( - Update copyright header ([5e087d8](, [IDF@2a2b95b]( - Fix potential null dereference identified by fuzzer tests ([91a3d95](, [IDF@e7dabb1]( - components/bt: move config BT_RESERVE_DRAM from bluedroid to ESP32 controller ([6d6dd2b](, [IDF@b310c06]( - add notification callback for async APIs ([52306e9](, [IDF@986603c]( - add more mdns result attributes ([d37ab6d](, [IDF@76ec76c]( - Add host test using linux target ([5c55ea6](, [IDF@fc7e2d9]( - Implement mdns_networking using BSD sockets ([0c71c7b](, [IDF@73dfe84]( - fix crash when adding services without hostname set ([4c368c0](, [IDF@5e98772]( - Fix fuzzer IDF-mock layer ([af22753](, [IDF@619235c]( - Clean the main mdns module from lwip dependencies ([b0957e7](, [IDF@54e3294]( - Add asynchronous query API ([47c7266](, [IDF#7090](, [IDF@d81482d]( - Fix crashes reported by the fuzzer tests ([40da0d2](, [IDF@4a2e726]( - mdns/fuzzer: Fix non-instrumentation test to reproduce fuzzer issues ([5f6b6f9](, [IDF@dae8033]( - return ESP_OK rather than ERR_OK in API functions ([8a12082](, [IDF@2386113]( - fix memory leak in mdns_free when adding delegated hostnames ([46f28a8](, [IDF@0baee93]( - Support for One-Shot mDNS queries ([5a81eae](, [IDF@f167238]( - allow explicit txt value length ([2ddaee2](, [IDF@b4e0088]( - Fix crashes reported by the fuzzer ([27fc285](, [IDF@79ba738]( - Minor correction of the test code ([93e6efe](, [IDF@7d76245]( - Fix fuzzer from miss-interpreting adding services as timeouts ([bc4cda8](, [IDF@14099fe]( - fix test script delayed response ([8a8d58d](, [IDF@a4f2639]( - fix wrong SRV/PTR record handling ([402baeb](, [IDF@e613555]( - fix wrong service hostname after mangling ([9fa25ef](, [IDF@439b31d]( - fix empty address change announce packets ([121b525](, [IDF@7bbb72d]( - fix mdns probe/reply behavior ([418fb60](, [IDF@d2a5d25]( - make delegate host address a list ([4049b3b](, [IDF@2d34352]( - add remove delegate host api ([c882119](, [IDF@2174693]( - add mdns delegation ([1eb5df9](, [IDF@401ff56]( - fix memory free issue when repeating the query in reply ([b62b4b3](, [IDF@5f244c8]( - Fix of crash when wifi interface get deleted and mdns receives the packets ([4d8aec1](, [IDF#6973](, [IDF@03de74a]( - Docs: Added for lwip fuzzer tests ([6d64910](, [IDF@53c18a8]( - Fixed the ip header TTL to be correctly set to 255 ([ab3fa69](, [IDF@5cce919]( - Fix parsing answers with questions when instance name not set ([c3a5826](, [IDF#6598](, [IDF@3404945]( - Fix the resolver to correctly parse it's own non-strict answers ([cbcbe4f](, [IDF@b649603]( - Add MDNS_STRICT_MODE config option ([adc3430](, [IDF@0eee315]( - freertos: common config header ([c30617d](, [IDF@39cf818]( - Removed freeRTOS dependancies from fuzzer tests ([1e5eeb1](, [IDF@5571694]( - mDNS: Updated APIs description and shows the warning when hostname contains domain name during the query ([22c7c0a](, [IDF#6590](, [IDF@9f8d2b9]( - components: Use CONFIG_LWIP_IPV6 to strip IPv6 function in components ([1623c0e](, [IDF@da58235]( - add bound check when setting interface as duplicate ([b114ed6](, [IDF@2b9d2c0]( - mDNS: Fix of text length calculation when detecting a collision ([2ffd223](, [IDF@be0ae1e]( - global: fix sign-compare warnings ([1fe901f](, [IDF@753a929]( - lwip: Moved default SNTP API to esp_sntp.h ([2cf9fd8](, [IDF@76f6dd6]( - Allow resolve its own non-strict answers ([89439e0](, [IDF#6190](, [IDF@0693e17]( - mDNS: Fix of collision detection during txt length calculation ([becd5d0](, [IDF#6114](, [IDF@f33772c]( - esp32c3: Apply one-liner/small changes for ESP32-C3 ([0d7a309](, [IDF@5228d9f]( - test: fix several test build error ([1fdffbb](, [IDF@b7ecccd]( - freertos: Add RISC-V port ([988d120](, [IDF@87e13ba]( - Fix wrong mdns source address if lwIP IPv6 zones disabled ([fd47df3](, [IDF@7ac9761]( - Whitespace: Automated whitespace fixes (large commit) ([2cb3a6e](, [IDF@66fb5a2]( - test_compile_fuzzers: Fix include paths for host build ([825652f](, [IDF@98a0cc7]( - CI: Add a test to pre-check fuzzer tests compilation before weekly run ([fc53888](, [IDF@637f5c0]( - soc: descriptive part occupy whole component ([7635c04](, [IDF@79887fd]( - Coredump config option rename throughout IDF ([d5fe42b](, [IDF@20af94f]( - mdns, dns, dhcp, dhcps: update fuzzer test to work in CI ([e0bc60a](, [IDF@a43c06a]( - cmock: added cmock as component ([9772e49](, [IDF@20c068e]( - Support queries in responses in mDNS non-strict mode ([6021a88](, [IDF#5521](, [IDF@bcfa36d]( - Fix include query ID in reponses ([78f71ec](, [IDF#5574](, [IDF@f62e321]( - Allow config mDNS task stack size ([3319844](, [IDF@cf7e48c]( - Remove mbedtls dependency ([ac70c9a](, [IDF@f4a4549]( - limit the GOT_IP6_EVENT to only known network interfaces ([2b7d43e](, [IDF@ab8cab1]( - esp32: add implementation of esp_timer based on TG0 LAC timer ([4eb3e89](, [IDF@739eb05]( - fixed typos in the variable names and the comments ([b5e5a64](, [IDF@ecca39e]( - fix preset of esp_netif ptr for local interfaces ([6713ffe](, [IDF@09e36f9]( - fixed crash on event during deinit ([817c4fd](, [IDF@eaa2f12]( - respond to discovery with the proper pseudo name _services._dns-sd._udp ([8f0dc6d](, [IDF#4369](, [IDF@de17a14]( - fixed forgotten merge conflicts in debug code ([d20666f](, [IDF@d9433ef]( - add missing include of esp_task.h ([662a4ce](, [IDF@5884b80]( - add configuration values for task priority, affinity and internal service timeouts ([fb1de80](, [IDF@c6f38f0]( - tcpip_adapter: updated tcpip_adapter compatablity layer to include all public API and keep 100% backward compatibility update build of tcpip adapter when ethernet disabled ([1f35e9a](, [IDF@7f5cda1]( - update mdns to use esp-netif for mdns supported services such as STA, AP, ETH ([48b819b](, [IDF@19e24fe]( - esp_netif: Introduction of esp-netif component as a replacement of tcpip_adpter ([53e2aa3](, [IDF@ffe043b]( - examples: removed ip4addr_ntoa and used prefered IP2STR for displaying IP addresses ([3cc6446](, [IDF@ec9f245]( - esp_event, mdns: fixes for CONFIG_ETH_ENABLED=n ([248b11b](, [IDF@569ad75]( - build and link hello-world for esp32s2beta ([901124b](, [IDF@84b2f9f]( - fix crash for hostname queries ([f6ff165](, [IDF#4224](, [IDF@3d11700]( - fix possible race condition when checking DHCP status on WIFI_EVENT_STA_CONNECTED event. ([f44c569](, [IDF@7f410a0]( - use constant size of AAAA answer in mdns packets instead of deriving from lwip struct size, since the struct could contain also zones ([286c646](, [IDF@e5e31c5]( - esp_wifi: wifi support new event mechanism ([c70d527](, [IDF@003a987]( - fix missing bye packet if services removed with mdns_service_remove_all() or mdns_free() ([7cdf96c](, [IDF#3660](, [IDF@a001998]( - mdns_service_remove_all doesn't take an argument ([407875d](, [IDF@c2764f6]( - tools: Mass fixing of empty prototypes (for -Wstrict-prototypes) ([3e753f5](, [IDF@afbaf74]( - fix ignoring mdns packet with some invalid name entries in question field ([144d4ad](, [IDF@4bd4c7c]( - add esp_eth component ([680bad6](, [IDF@90c4827]( - components: use new component registration api ([7fb6686](, [IDF@9eccd7c]( - fix static analysis warnings ([4912bef](, [IDF@c34de4c]( - added initial suite of api unit tests ([181a22e](, [IDF@e680191]( - mdns tests: adapt mdns fuzzer test to compile with event loop library ([4172219](, [IDF@38d15cb]( - fixed mdns crashing on reception of txt packet without a corresponding service closes #2866 ([98d2c1a](, [IDF@af48977]( - use const char* for mdns txt items types to remove warning when assigning ([84cbb1f](, [IDF@c050a75]( - updated doxygen comments documenting mdns api ([4c6818e](, [IDF#1718](, [IDF@a851aac]( - update mdns_out_question_s to be in line with mdns_parsed_question_s struct ([c440114](, [IDF#1568](, [IDF@eddd5c4]( - use esp_event library to handle events ([6ea0ea9](, [IDF@a2d5952]( - fuzzer tests: update of mdns and lwip host compilation for fuzzer testing ([d9aec9f](, [IDF@bc60bbb]( - fix possible crash when probing on particular interface with duplicated service instances due to naming conflicts on network ([985e691](, [IDF@265e983]( - enable pcbs before starting service thread to avoid updating pcb's internal variables from concurent tasks ([75deebb](, [IDF@c87f0cb]( - fix possible deadlock on mdns deinit calling mdns_free() ([fdd27dc](, [IDF#1696](, [IDF@48b5501]( - mdsn: fix race condition in updating packet data from user task when failed to allocate or queue a new service ([2ec3b55](, [IDF@021dc5d]( - fix possible crash when packet scheduled to transmit contained service which might have been already removed ([450cbf0](, [IDF@67051a2]( - use binary semaphore instead of mutex when searching ([34f6d8d](, [IDF@eef0b50]( - fix memory leak in pbuf if tcpipadapter failed to get netif ([b6efc68](, [IDF@8462751]( - fix malfuctional query_txt ([90e4bab](, [IDF@1a02773]( - fix possible crash when mdns_free called while action queue not empty ([c546ab8](, [IDF@206b47c]( - fix memory leak when query for service receives multiple ptr entries for one instance ([6582b41](, [IDF@9a4da97]( - fix crash after init if no memory for task ([358d26c](, [IDF@a47768d]( - fixed crash on free undefined ptr after skipped strdup ([2ac83d0](, [IDF@e0a8044]( - Correct Kconfigs according to the coding style ([98e3171](, [IDF@37126d3]( - fix networking running udp_sendif from lwip thread ([2f85c07](, [IDF@f7d4a4b]( - fixed static memory leak ([b30a7fe](, [IDF@6bb68a5]( - check all mallocs for failure and add default hook to log error with free heap ([7a4fdad](, [IDF@c8cb4cd]( - resolve memory leak when txt record received multiple times ([b4e5742](, [IDF@a6b2b73]( - skip sending search when finished, not properly locked timer task ([2763bcd](, [IDF@31163f0]( - sending search packets also in probing and announcing state ([8cd0e8a](, [IDF@d16762a]( - fixed crashes on network changes ([9b3b41c](, [IDF@097282a]( - Update network code for mDNS to work with newest LwIP ([ea23007](, [IDF@3ec0e7e]( - bugfix: mdns_service_txt_set() wasn't allocating memory for TXT records ([0c17121](, [IDF@e5e2702]( - cmake: make main a component again ([67173f6](, [IDF@d9939ce]( - Feature/sync lwip as submodule ([fed787f](, [IDF@3578fe3]( - Fix a portion of the queries are issued with the wildcard query type ([b4ab30b](, [IDF@f3f0445]( - added CI job for AFL fuzzer tests ([dd71494](, [IDF@0c14764]( - Minor fix for mdns_service_remove() ([39de491](, [IDF@5c7eb7e]( - Replace all DOS line endings with Unix ([19acac7](, [IDF@a67d5d8]( - remove executable permission from source files ([98069f9](, [IDF@cb649e4]( - Fixed nullptr dereference in MDNS.c ([ad29d34](, [IDF@fffbf7b]( - MDNS-Fuzzer: AFL fuzzer tests for mdsn packet parser ([9f1be36](, [IDF@e983230]( - cmake: Add component dependency support ([c7701d4](, [IDF@1cb5712]( - cmake: Remove defaults for COMPONENT_SRCDIRS, COMPONENT_SRCS, COMPONENT_ADD_INCLUDEDIRS ([f1ccc40](, [IDF@4f1a856]( - build system: Initial cmake support, work in progress ([84bd1d7](, [IDF@c671a0c]( - fix the bug that in mdns test code redefine esp_err_t to uint32_t, which should be int32_t ([259d3fc](, [IDF@81e4cad]( - Fix exception when service is removed while there are pending packets that depend on it ([7784d00](, [IDF@421c6f1]( - Fix case where service is NULL and that will cause exception ([bce7d52](, [IDF@4fa130a]( - Fix issue with some mDNS parsers ([ef924f1](, [IDF@51dde19]( - Import mDNS changes ([ad8c92d](, [IDF@4bddbc0]( - Fix compilation errors when using gcc-7.2.0 for the crosstool-ng toolchain ([3aa605f](, [IDF@519edc3]( - components/mdns: wrong Message compression detect ([00a72b8](, [IDF@6e24566]( - fix leak after _mdns_create_service if we have a malloc error. ([907e7ee](, [IDF@b6b36bd]( - Use LwIP IPC for low-level API calls ([b367484](, [IDF@713964f]( - Add AFL fuzz test ([4a8582f](, [IDF@4c26227]( - implement fixes for issues found while fuzz testing ([75de31c](, [IDF@99d3990]( - add simple dns-sd meta query support ([4acf639](, [IDF@96e8a3c]( - address security issues with mDNS ([91bb509](, [IDF@c89e11c]( - Initial mDNS component and example ([7fbf8e5](, [IDF@dd3f18d](


Supports all targets

License: Apache-2.0

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/mdns^1.2.2"

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  • ESP-IDF >=5.0
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