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USB Host HID driver


# USB Host HID (Human Interface Device) Driver [![Component Registry](]( This directory contains an implementation of a USB HID Driver implemented on top of the [USB Host Library]( HID driver allows access to HID devices. ## Usage The following steps outline the typical API call pattern of the HID Class Driver: 1. Install the USB Host Library via 'usb_host_install()' 2. Install the HID driver via 'hid_host_install()' 3. The HID Host driver device callback provide the following events (via two callbacks): - HID_HOST_DRIVER_EVENT_CONNECTED - HID_HOST_INTERFACE_EVENT_INPUT_REPORT - HID_HOST_INTERFACE_EVENT_TRANSFER_ERROR - HID_HOST_INTERFACE_EVENT_DISCONNECTED 4. Specific HID device can be opened or closed with: - 'hid_host_device_open()' - 'hid_host_device_close()' 5. To enable / disable data receiving in case of event (keyboard key was pressed or mouse device was moved e.t.c) use: - 'hid_host_device_start()' - 'hid_host_device_stop()' 6. HID Class specific device requests: - 'hid_host_interface_get_report_descriptor()' - 'hid_class_request_get_report()' - 'hid_class_request_get_idle()' - 'hid_class_request_get_protocol()' - 'hid_class_request_set_report()' - 'hid_class_request_set_idle()' - 'hid_class_request_set_protocol()' 7. When HID device event occurs the driver call an interface callback with events: - HID_HOST_INTERFACE_EVENT_INPUT_REPORT - HID_HOST_INTERFACE_EVENT_TRANSFER_ERROR - HID_HOST_INTERFACE_EVENT_DISCONNECTED 8. The HID driver can be uninstalled via 'hid_host_uninstall()' ## Known issues - Empty ## Examples - For an example, refer to [hid_host_example]( ## Supported Devices - HID Driver support any HID compatible device with a USB bIterfaceClass 0x03 (Human Interface Device). - There are two options to handle HID device input data: either in RAW format or via special event handlers (which are available only for HID Devices which supprot Boot Protocol).


## 1.0.1 - Fixed a bug where configuring the driver with `create_background_task = false` did not properly initialize the driver. This lead to `the hid_host_uninstall()` hang-up. - Fixed bug where `hid_host_uninstall()` would cause a crash during the call while USB device has not been removed. - Added `hid_host_get_device_info()` to get the basic information of a connected USB HID device. ## 1.0.0 - Initial version


License: Apache-2.0

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/usb_host_hid^1.0.1"

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  • ESP-IDF >=4.4
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