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USB Host Virtual COM Port Service


# Virtual COM Port Service [![Component Registry](]( Virtual COM Port (VCP) service manages drivers to connected VCP devices - typically USB <-> UART converters. In practice, you rarely care about specifics of the devices; you only want uniform interface for them all. VCP service does just that, after you register drivers for various VCP devices, you can just call VCP::open and the service will load proper driver for device that was just plugged into USB port.


## 1.0.0 - Initial version ## 1.0.0~1 - Claim compatibility with [CDC-ACM driver]( v2


Supports all targets

License: Apache-2.0

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "espressif/usb_host_vcp^1.0.0~2"

or download archive


  • espressif/usb_host_cdc_acm >=1.0.4,<3.0.0
  • ESP-IDF >=4.4
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