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esp32 OTA Component to update firmware from Github Releases


# GITHUB OTA for ESP32 devices Automate your OTA and CI/CD pipeline with Github Actions to update your ESP32 devices in the field direct from github releases ## Features * Uses the esp_htps_ota library under the hood to update firmware images * Can also update spiffs/littlefs/fatfs partitions * Uses SemVer to compare versions and only update if a newer version is available * Plays nicely with App rollback and anti-rollback features of the esp-idf bootloader * Download firmware and partitiion images from the github release page directly * Supports multiple devices with different firmware images * Includes a sample Github Actions that builds and releases images when a new tag is pushed * Updates can be triggered manually, or via a interval timer * Uses a streaming JSON parser for to reduce memory usage (Github API responses can be huge) * Supports Private Repositories (Github API token required*) * Supports Github Enterprise * Supports Github Personal Access Tokens to overcome Github API Ratelimits * Sends progress of Updates via the esp_event_loop Note: You should be careful with your GitHub PAT and putting it in the source code. I would suggest that you store the PAT in NVS, and the user enters it when running, as otherwise the PAT would be easily extractable from your firmware images. ## Usage ### esp-idf via Espressif Component Registry: ```bash idf.py add-dependency Fishwaldo/ghota^0.0.1 ``` #### Platform IO Registry: add this to your platform.ini file: ```ini lib_deps = Fishwaldo/ghota@^0.0.1 ``` You also need to copy the contents of [Kconfig](Kconfig) into your project's Kconfig file, and run pio run -t menuconfig to configure the component. #### API Documentation: More details on the API are available [here](https://esp-github-ota.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html) ## Example After Initilizing Network Access, Start a timer to periodically check for new releases: (if you a reading this from https://components.espressif.com, please note that this website munges the examples below. Please refer to https://github.com/Fishwaldo/esp_ghota for the correct examples) ```c ghota_config_t ghconfig = { .filenamematch = "GithubOTA-esp32.bin", // Glob Pattern to match against the Firmware file .storagenamematch = "storage-esp32.bin", // Glob Pattern to match against the storage firmware file .storagepartitionname = "storage", // Update the storage partition .updateInterval = 60, // Check for updates every 60 minuites }; ghota_client_handle_t *ghota_client = ghota_init(&ghconfig); if (ghota_client == NULL) { ESP_LOGE(TAG, "ghota_client_init failed"); return; } esp_event_handler_register(GHOTA_EVENTS, ESP_EVENT_ANY_ID, &ghota_event_callback, ghota_client); // Register a handler to get updates on progress ESP_ERROR_CHECK(ghota_start_update_timer(ghota_client)); // Start the timer to check for updates ``` Manually Checking for updates: ```c ghota_config_t ghconfig = { .filenamematch = "GithubOTA-esp32.bin", .storagenamematch = "storage-esp32.bin", .storagepartitionname = "storage", .updateInterval = 60, }; ghota_client_handle_t *ghota_client = ghota_init(&ghconfig); if (ghota_client == NULL) { ESP_LOGE(TAG, "ghota_client_init failed"); return; } esp_event_handler_register(GHOTA_EVENTS, ESP_EVENT_ANY_ID, &ghota_event_callback, ghota_client); ESP_ERROR_CHECK(ghota_check(ghota_client)); semver_t *cur = ghota_get_current_version(ghota_client); if (cur) { ESP_LOGI(TAG, "Current version: %d.%d.%d", cur->major, cur->minor, cur->patch); semver_free(cur); } semver_t *new = ghota_get_latest_version(ghota_client); if (new) { ESP_LOGI(TAG, "New version: %d.%d.%d", new->major, new->minor, new->patch); semver_free(new); } ESP_ERROR_CHECK(ghota_update(ghota_client)); ESP_ERROR_CHECK(ghota_free(ghota_client)); ``` ## Configuration The following configuration options are available: * config.filenamematch <- Glob pattern to match against the firmware file from the Github Releases page. * config.storagenamematch <- Glob pattern to match against the storage file from the Github Releases page. * config.storagepartitionname <- Name of the storage partition to update (as defined in partitions.csv) * config.hostname <- Hostname of the Github API (default: api.github.com) * config.orgname <- Name of the Github User or Organization * config.reponame <- Name of the Github Repository * config.updateInterval <- Interval in minutes to check for updates ## Github Actions The Github Actions included in this repository can be used to build and release firmware images to Github Releases. This is a good way to automate your CI/CD pipeline, and update your devices in the field. In this example, we build two variants of the Firmware - on for a ESP32 and one for a ESP32-S3 device Using the filenamematch and storagenamematch config options, we can match against the correct firmware image for the device. ```yaml on: push: pull_request: branches: [master] permissions: contents: write name: Build jobs: build: strategy: fail-fast: true matrix: targets: [esp32, esp32s3] runs-on: ubuntu-latest steps: - name: Checkout repo uses: actions/checkout@v3 with: submodules: 'recursive' - name: esp-idf build uses: Fishwaldo/esp-idf-ci-action@v1.1 with: esp_idf_version: v4.4.3 target: ${{ matrix.targets }} path: 'examples/esp_ghota_example' - name: Rename artifact run: | ls -lah cp examples/esp_ghota_example/build/esp_ghota_example.bin esp_ghota_example-${{ matrix.targets }}.bin cp examples/esp_ghota_example/build/storage.bin storage-${{ matrix.targets }}.bin - name: Archive Firmware Files uses: actions/upload-artifact@v3 with: name: ${{ matrix.targets }}-firmware path: "*-${{ matrix.targets }}.bin" release: needs: build runs-on: ubuntu-latest steps: - name: Download Firmware Files uses: actions/download-artifact@v2 with: path: release - name: Release Firmware uses: ncipollo/release-action@v1 if: startsWith(github.ref, 'refs/tags/') with: artifacts: release/*/*.bin generateReleaseNotes: true allowUpdates: true token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }} ```


ESP Github OTA Component ======================== Please see https://esp-github-ota.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html for API documentation.


Supports all targets

License: MIT

To add this component to your project, run:

idf.py add-dependency "kumekay/tmptst^0.0.2"

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