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This library gives well looking log output over console which is contains time, file, line information and your messages.


# ESP Log

This library provides well-formatted log output on the console, including timestamps, file and line information, and your messages for use with ESP-IDF on Espressif's MCUs (e.g., ESP32).
You can add this library to your project as a component. Usually it should be under components folder in your project directory.

## Usage

log_message(LOG_INFO, , "Your formatted message here");
## Output
[2131] [INFO] lvglTask() [./components/gui/gui.c:985]: UI init
[2267] [INFO] ui_task() [./components/gui/gui.c:139]: ui_task created
[2384] [ERROR] wifi_init_sta() [./components/wifi_connect.c:153]: UNEXPECTED EVENT

## License



Supports all targets

License: MIT

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "solcer/esplog^0.0.1"

or download archive


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