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Espressif's display and touchscreen drivers for LVGL


Display and touchpad drivers for ESP32 using LVGL

For a ready to use ESP32 project take look at the lv_port_esp32 repository.

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NOTE: You need to set the display horizontal and vertical size, color depth and swap of RGB565 color on the LVGL configuration menuconfig (it's not handled automatically).

Supported display controllers

Display Controller Type Interface Color depth (LV_COLOR_DEPTH) Swap RGB565 color (LV_COLOR_16_SWAP)
ILI9341 TFT SPI 16: RGB565 Yes
ILI9163C TFT SPI 16: RGB565 Yes
ILI9486 TFT SPI 16: RGB565 Yes
ILI9488 TFT SPI 16: RGB565 No
HX8357B/HX8357D TFT SPI 16: RGB565 Yes
ST7789 TFT SPI 16: RGB565 Yes
ST7735S TFT SPI 16: RGB565 Yes
FT81x TFT Single, Dual, Quad SPI 16: RGB565 No
GC9A01 TFT SPI 16: RGB565 Yes
RA8875 TFT SPI 16: RGB565 Yes
SH1107 Monochrome SPI 1: 1byte per pixel No
SSD1306 Monochrome I2C 1: 1byte per pixel No
IL3820 e-Paper SPI 1: 1byte per pixel No
UC8151D/ GoodDisplay GDEW0154M10 DES e-Paper SPI 1: 1byte per pixel No
FitiPower JD79653A/ GoodDisplay GDEW0154M09 e-Paper SPI 1: 1byte per pixel No

Supported indev controllers

  • XPT2046
  • FT3236, FT6X36
  • FT6206 controllers should work as well (not tested)
  • STMPE610
  • FT81x (Single, Dual, and Quad SPI)

If your display or input device (touch) controller is not supported consider contributing to this repo by adding support to it! Contribute controller support

Support for predefined development kits

You can also use the predefined kits, which selects the correct display controllers on the kit, and sets the gpio numbers for the interface.

Kit name Display controller Interface Hor. Res. Ver. Res.
ESP Wrover Kit v4.1 ILI9341 SPI 240 320
M5Stack ILI9341 SPI 240 320
M5Stack Core2 ILI9341 SPI 240 320
M5Stick SH1107 SPI - -
M5StickC ST7735S SPI 80 160
Adafruit 3.5 Featherwing HX8357 SPI 480 320
RPi MPI3501 ILI9486 SPI - -
Wemos Lolin OLED SSD1306 SPI 64 128
ER-TFT035-6 ILI9488 SPI 480 320
AIRcable ATAGv3 IL3820 SPI 128 296
TTGO T-Display ST7789 SPI 135 240
TTGO Camera Plus ST7789 SPI 240 240

NOTE: See Supported display controllers for more information on display configuration. NOTE: See Supported indev controllers for more information about indev configuration.

Thread-safe I2C with I2C Manager

LVGL can use I2C to read from a touch sensor or write to a display, possibly many times a second. Meanwhile, other tasks may also want to read from i2c devices on the same bus. I2C using the ESP-IDF is not thread-safe.

I2C Manager (i2c_manager) is a component that will let code in multiple threads talk to devices on the I2C ports without getting in each other's way. These drivers use a built-in copy of I2C Manager to talk to the I2C port, but you can also use the I2C Manager component itself and have others play nice with LVGL and vice-versa. Click here for details.

Backlight control

Control of LCD's backlight is provided by separate module that is independent from the display driver. Configuration of the backlight controller can be found in menuconfig LVGL ESP Drivers -> LVGL TFT Display controller.

There are three modes of operation:

  1. Off - No backlight control
  2. Switch - Allows ON/OFF control
  3. PWM - Allows brightness control (by Pulse-Width-Modulated signal)

Supports all targets

License: MIT

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "lvgl/lvgl_esp32_drivers^0.0.3"

or download archive


  • lvgl/lvgl ==7.11.0
  • ESP-IDF >=4.1
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