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MC3479 3-axis accelerometer driver for ESP-IDF


# I2C Driver Component for the MC3479 3-Axis Accelerometer

## The MC3479

The MC3479 is a compact, digital output 3-axis accelerometer designed for cell phones and consumer motion sensing. It's perfect for user interface control, gaming input, and tilt compensation in devices like cell phones, game controllers, and media players. With built-in algorithms for motion detection, shake detection, and tilt positioning, it offers versatility. Its monolithic design integrates the accelerometer and electronics into a single chip, ensuring low power consumption and small size. It allows for adjustable sample rates from 0.5 to 2000 samples per second and supports both polling and interrupt-based reading of sample and event status.

> This driver is for the I2C mode.

## Features

* Set mode (wake and sleep)
* Set sample rate
* Set range
* Get coordinates
* Set interruption configuration
* Set get motion (Any motion)

## Future Work

* Tilt/Flip
* Shake
* Calibration

## Get Started

To get the component, use the command `add-dependency` inside your project folder.

```bash add-dependency "pedrominatel/mc3479"

## Resources

[MC3479 Datasheet](



  • Pedro Minatel <>

License: Apache-2.0

To add this component to your project, run: add-dependency "pedrominatel/mc3479^0.0.1"

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